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What to Consider When Purchasing Soft Baby Blankets

Posted on December 02 2022

Buying a soft baby blanket for your own child or as a gift may seem like it’s one of the easier purchases as far as baby gear is concerned. But it may not be as simple as you think. There’s the type of blanket, the material, the size, and more to consider. To make sure the blanket is safe, cozy, and meets the baby’s needs, here’s what to consider.

Types of Soft Baby Blankets

Soft baby blankets

A blanket is a blanket, right? Yes and no; as you’ve probably realized if you’ve created and/or shopped a baby registry, the options for infants can be endless and overwhelming. In the case of soft baby blankets, each type relates to a specific use:

1. Swaddle blanket

Typically a larger blanket (48” x 48”) that allows you to wrap baby up in a swaddle that keeps their arms from flailing around and mimics being in the womb to provide comfort and help them sleep.

2. Receiving blanket

A lightweight, smaller-size blanket (18” x 18” to 36” x 36”) for newborns.

3. Wearable blanket

Also known as a sleep sack, this is a one-piece blanket that baby wears. At the top, it looks like a regular sleeper, while at the bottom, it fans out to a closed sack. They are meant to keep baby warm like a traditional blanket while also keeping loose blankets out of the crib for safety.

4. Car seat cover

This is a soft baby blanket specially made to attach to the car seat to keep baby warm without the risk of the blanket coming loose or out of position and covering their face.

5. Lovey

These blankets are small (12” x 12” typically) and often have a plush toy on one end. They are easily gripped by little hands and offer comfort as well as something for baby to interact with.

Of course, there are other more traditional type blankets as well, which come in all shapes and sizes that can be used for general purposes like a play mat or makeshift changing pad.

Tips for Purchasing Soft Baby Blankets

When you’re at the store or shopping online for soft baby blankets, here’s what to consider:

1. Breathability

The weight of the blanket comes into play not only in terms of if the weather is hot or cold but also depending on the use of the blanket. For example, you don’t want to tote around a thick blanket in your diaper bag.

2. Material

Besides wanting the blanket to be soft to baby’s touch, their skin is also super sensitive, so you’ll want to look for cotton, soft flannel, or knitted wool. Organic fabrics are also a great option!

3. Safety

Like any other type of baby gear, blankets can come with all kinds of bells and whistles. But you need to be careful of any blanket that has tassels, ribbons, buttons, or anything else that could shred, fall off, or cause choking or tangling hazards. The cute factor is definitely not worth the risk, and baby won’t know the difference anyway!

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soft baby blankets

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