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Back-to-School Boutique Clothing Essentials

Posted on September 30 2022

Back to School

It’s back-to-school time! And with it comes the excitement of new classes, new teachers, new supplies, and of course, new clothes! While your child may want to buy out everything in the store, you know that quality typically trumps quantity especially when it comes to clothes that are put through the wringer during the school day. As such, here are our back-to-school boutique clothing essentials to make sure you have all your bases covered.

1. Items to Layer

This time of year you usually have cool mornings and warm afternoons so layering is a great option to make sure your child is comfortable throughout the school day. We recommend two to four hoodies or pullovers. This Hastings Half-Zip is one of our favorites.

back to school

2. The Perfect Pants

We like to balance comfort and fashion. While jeans are certainly a staple, you’ll likely want to have three to five other types of pants on hand as well. For girls, we love options like our Lucy–Heart leggings and Hailey Houndstooth leggings. For boys, the BQ Everyday pant is perfect for back-to-school and our Dark Khaki Cord pants are definitely on trend.

back to school

3. Seamlessly-Styled Shirts

Because of the up and down temperatures, and whether your child tends to run hot or cold, you’ll want to have a variety of both long and short-sleeved shirts. You really can’t have too many, unless you like laundry that is! These shirts are at the top of our back-to-school boutique clothing list: TPP Flamingo Coral Shirt, Bambinos Pinehurst Polo, Buckaroo Boots Tee, and BQ Guayabera Shirt.

back to school

4. Dreamy Dresses

In our opinion, dresses aren’t just for picture day at school especially when they’re as pretty and comfortable as these: Amber Breeze Twirl Dress and Fall Leaves Mirren Dress. Ideally, two to four everyday dresses should be plenty.

back to school

5. Sweet Sweaters and Sweatshirts

Sure, you could consider these under items to layer, but we think sweaters and sweatshirts are really in a class of their own especially when it comes to back-to-school boutique clothing. That’s right, we’re not talking slouchy looks that you only wear around the house. These favorites keep your child comfy and stylish: Cream/Rust Sweater, Hand Stitched Cheer Sweater, Sky Blue Brother Sweatshirt, and Rose Pink Sister Sweatshirt. We recommend adding two to four sweaters and/or sweatshirts to your shopping list.

back to school

For more back-to-school boutique clothing essentials, visit Bambinos online store today. 

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