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5 DIY Ideas for Kids’ Halloween Shirts

Posted on October 23 2022

Shop any retailer and you’ll likely find plenty of kids’ Halloween shirts for the six-year-old and under set. But for older kids, the selection slims, which can be frustrating because they still want to wear spooktacular attire too, right? Or, you can look at it as an opportunity to have some creative fun together and make your own kids’ Halloween shirts! Here are some of our favorite DIY ideas.

1. Zombie Flip-Up T-Shirt

kids halloween shirts
Source: Tried & True Creative

Who knew a flip-up t-shirt was a thing? But this zombie version from Tried & True Creative shows how ghoulishly great the idea can be. It features a saying on the front and then a zombie image kids can flip up like a mask! Not only will kids enjoy wearing it, but they can also help you make it!

2. Easy DIY Halloween Shirts

kids Halloween shirts

Source: Mama of Many Blessings

This idea takes DIY to the next level because your kids can have free reign with these Halloween t-shirts from Mama of Many Blessings. You simply need the shirts, some puffy fabric paint or markets, stencils or cookie cutters, and iron-on t-shirt decals. From there, let the creativity flow and see what a boo-tiful job they can do!

3. Bleach-Dyed Kids Halloween Shirts

kids Halloween shirts

Source: It’s Always Autumn

Making a kids’ Halloween t-shirt with a wood sign? Yep, that’s what this idea from It’s Always Autumn calls for, and trust us, it’s so easy it’s scary. And cute, too. Our tips: since you are using bleach to “dye” the shirt, you may want to experiment on an old shirt first, and you may want to let the adults take care of this part of the project.

4. ‘Screen Printed’ Halloween T-Shirt

kids Halloween shirts

Source: The Handmade Home

The Handmade Home calls the process for this DIY kids’ Halloween shirt a ‘poor man’s screen printing,’ which they say is a “freezer paper method that’s basically an iron-on stencil for fabric.” It’s so simple, we can’t believe we never thought of it before! If you’re making shirts for more than one child, use the same design and they can match. 

5. Custom Foil Shirts for Halloween

kids Halloween shirts

Source: Persia Lou

For the kids (and the parent) who wants a little glam to go with their Halloween shirt, Persia Lou by Alexis Middleton has you covered with this DIY idea. She even includes two free cut files! Just six supplies and three steps later, and voila. The hardest part is probably waiting for the adhesive to cool to see the finished look. But, you must wait for it to completely cool before removing the paper backing or the design won’t foil as nicely.


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