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Toddlers and preschoolers learning the basics of self care and refining grasp and hand-eye coordination have met a cuddly match for their emerging skills! Adorable plush bear Teddy Wear comes clad in a removable outfit packed with closures--perfect for testing a little one's growing problem-solving and motor skills. Buttons, zippers, self-stick tabs, buckles, and laces will keep fingers working on a number of different levels, offering a beneficial mix of encouragement and challenge. A mix of textures adds lots of sensory input too, making this a terrific toy for kids of all abilities!

  • 18 MONTHS AND UP: Help the child identify the different colors on the toy. Say a color name aloud and ask the child to point to that color on the toy.
  • Help the child identify the different parts of the bear's body, such as eyes, ears, hands, and feet, and encourage the child to point to the same parts on his or her own body.
  • Fasten all the buttons, zippers, and ties, then ask the child to unfasten them. Challenge the child to put them together again.
  • 24 MONTHS AND UP: Ask the child to remove the bear's overalls, then help the child dress the bear again.
  • Ask the child to point to different parts of the toy as you describe them by name, color, texture, or feature.
  • Narrate a story starring the bear, and ask the child to help you fill in the details. For instance, "It's time for Teddy to get ready for school! What does he put on first?"
  • OLDER TODDLERS & PRESCHOOLERS: Name a color, pattern, or texture and ask the child to point to all the pieces that fit the group.
  • Challenge the child to dress the bear without assistance.
  • Help the child learn to tie a knot and bow using the shoelaces.

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