• Virtual Silhouette Session 4.4.20

Virtual Silhouette Session 4.4.20

$ 40.00

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April 4, 2020 - Sessions will be via FaceTime

Join Patti Rishford in the shop for a personal silhouette cutting session. It only takes a few minutes for her to hand cut an accurate silhouette of your child’s unique individual profile!

You will receive 2 silhouettes, a left and a right facing profile mounted onto a 5"x7" acid free art board. Extras are available for $12.

Please book a session for each child.


1) Does my child have to remain perfectly still the whole time? No. They sit in a chair or on your lap facing an iPod with a fun app so Patti can see the shape of their face in profile. They'll wiggle and blink and turn their head now and then. Patti just needs glimpses of the right pose. This is truly a stress-free portrait.

2) Does their hair have to be perfect? Not really. If a curl in the back of their hair goes flat, just let Patti know how it usually looks. She can enhance the part that flips or smooth down a section that won't behave.

3) Do they need to wear a special type of collar or shirt/dress? No. You can dress your child in a special collar if you like, or you may bring the article to show Patti or even just describe and she'll add it to the profile to look as though they are wearing it.

4) Is there a certain age they need to be? No. Silhouettes work well for all ages.

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